Electronic Glam meets Krautrock, Bowie meets awesome.  This is WhiteCatPink, musician extraordinaire, and he is unto his own both aurally and visually.  Originally hailing from the planet Saturn, WhiteCatPink was sent to this planet by the Great I AM Supercomputer XIX to help spread a message of truth, simplicity and love in a world riddled with greed, war and insanity.   Drawing inspiration from a rich blend of the iconic French superstar, Serge Gainsbourg and the decidedly Teutonic sounds of NEU!, Kraftwerk, and Einstürzende Neubauten, WhiteCatPink takes these into a suite of lush electronics informed in part by pioneer ambient musician, Brian Eno.  Combine this with a visual spectacle that is one part animal-object, one part Glam rock, and a whole lot of edge, and you‘ve got quite a performance.  Known for his signature use of girl-kitty dancers, WhiteCatPink plays live drums and sings over original compositions and music created digitally.  With subjects ranging from catfights to his famous teddy bear, Paisley, to flowers from outer space, you will never be jaded at his shows, nor tire of this feline marvel.  His most recent offering, ‘The LoveBalletGirl EP‘, sees WhiteCatPink in top chic form with vocals sung in both English and French over a smooth, glossy blend of electronic music and hard-hitting drums.  A one-man act, WhiteCatPink consistently stuns and awes audiences all over the country with his command of the stage and memorable presence.  WhiteCatPink proudly plays DW Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, M-Audio midi equipment, and Ableton Live DAW. 

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