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UK electronic music duo Golfrapp has had a massive influence on the WhiteCatPink Sound, and indeed their second studio album, 2003's 'Black Cherry', is considered by the Cat himself to be one of the major players factoring into the creation of his work.  Featuring a blend of glam rock and synth pop music fusing retro chic with modern flair, Black Cherry sees a truly astounding foray into the wilds of electronic music.  Alison Goldfrapp's  signature employment of human-animal hybrid imagery with the throbbing pulse of the music is a delightful and sexy visual mélange that is a familiarity in the world WhiteCatPink.  Indeed, she has been quoted on the subject, indicating a fascination with metamorphosis and the desire for humans to be like animals and vice versa.  Will Gregory, in the Cat's opinion, is one of the finest synth players and producers to emerge from this scene, often draping Alison Goldfrapp's voice in full, lush, sometimes grinding industrial synthesizer patterns with driving and spacious electronic beats peppered throughout.  The music of Black Cherry is dense, driving, hypnotizing, and highly emotionally charged, meant for late nights cruising the metropolitan interiors of the city.  Songs such as 'Train' and 'Crystalline Green' showcase the pulsing nature of the music, while 'Deep Honey' and 'Slippage' pay tribute to a more emotionally sensitive and unraveling setting.  The Cat's personal favorite track on the album, though, and indeed one of his favorite tracks of all time, is 'Tip Toe', which can be enjoyed by clicking here.  Featuring glossy, shimmering and churning synths with a heavy, pocket driven beat and Goldfrapp's  liquid, nubile delivery, it is the epitome of what makes the WhiteCatPink Sound what it is.  If the reader wishes to delve further into the nuts and bolts of what makes WhiteCatPink what he is, become familiar with Goldfrapp's eminently marvelous offering, 'Black Cherry'.  Then you will know a bit more.